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  • Sean Lobb-Barrera

    Director of Property Accounting, Remington Hotels

  • Joshua Herron

    Director, Technology & Business Intelligence, Innisfree Hotels

  • Jeremiah Galvin

    Senior Vice President, Finance, Highgate

  • Brian Fry

    President, Commonwealth Hotels

  • Heidi Wilcox

    President & CEO, First Call Hospitality

  • Rob Smith

    Chief Financial Officer, Crescent Hotels & Resorts

  • Ricky Raman

    Chief Operating Officer, PeachState Hospitality

  • Performance data is available at the very start of the day.

    Consolidation of data helps to maintain perspective across the estate. Flexibility in formatting relevant data - with constant re-forecasting, myPerspective provides instant visibility into market performance against the latest forecast. Real time review of AR. MAPP is also a powerful tool for BOTB review at the hotel as well as comparative properties.

    President - Milwaukee, WI
  • The simplicity of completing the night audit and ease of accessing previous reports is great.

    Whenever issues arise, the customer support from MDO is available right away and amazing!

    General Manager - Rockville, MD
  • These products have been a great source of information for reviewing and planning in a concise and easy-to-use format.

    These products have been a great source of information for reviewing and planning in a concise and easy-to-use format. I've used the system as a hotel General Manager and as a Regional Revenue Manager and the wide range of paperless solutions, performance dashboards and information available in one location is invaluable.

    General Manager - Charleston, SC
  • We utilize all programs from MDO which helps us forecast, save paper, and access data at our finger tips.

    The mobile app makes it really easy to access data on the go from occupancy and ADR to labor budgets and GSS. Paperless Night Audit saves our storage space and keeps everything secured in the cloud, again for easy access whenever we need. The search tool also allows us to find information quickly, saving managers time. Recommend to all.

    President - Burlingame, CA
  • MDO is a gamechanger.

    We started with them years ago when we implemented their document management and digital night audit platform. The direct savings from eliminating paper, toner, and physical storage costs was instant. But the sustainability impact, digital access to reports, and other automation efficiencies gained have been invaluable to our business.

    Chief Administrative Officer - Milwaukee, WI
  • The nightly reports are all now sent electronically.

    Managers can review and "markup" from anywhere. The file storage is so minimal, which is great for hotels that don't have lots of storage capacity. MDO has been easy to work with and open to any feedback that I've provided. The process is so easy to upload and track documents - plus it will tell you if something wasn't uploaded.

    Revenue Analyst - Atlanta, GA
  • MDO has created a one stop shop for my company to pull data for each hotel and look at our company as a whole.

    The site is to navigate and understand. The graphs/widgets fit every data component we need very well so the data is clear and easy to read. I also love being able to download the data into an excel sheet. This makes generating reports extremely convenient and less time consuming.

    General Manager - Rockville, MD
  • With the implementation of myDigitalOffice, we have moved a large majority of our daily record keeping over to the MDO platform.

    Their ability to help integrate their storage solution with our property systems has been first class, and the support team behind the scenes has continued to work with us to make the system even more user friendly. During a recent property audit, we were able to cut our time spent by 50% because of how efficiently the information is now at our digital fingerprints. Bravo MDO for making storage easy, customizing it to fit our business needs, and being a great business partner. We have now expanded access to a number of our employees, so now information can easily be loaded into the system by anyone and at anytime. The ability to have all of our reporting accessible via MDO has helped our team rethink how and when we use information. This innovation has now paved the way for our team to deliver a better customer experience and drive our business forward. Thank you to the MDO Team!

    General Manager - Cambridge, MA
  • myDigitalOffice fixes a pet peeve that I have had for years.

    I finally am able to stop wasting endless reams of paper and hours to research past reports. This is a user friendly and environmentally friendly option that every hotelier should utilize. I have also enjoyed the excellent customer service from Matt and Denise. They have been quick and friendly towards all my requests and I appreciate their support.

    General Manager - Norfolk, VA
  • The team at myDigitalOffice has been tirelessly working with us to provide first in class solutions for our data and reporting needs.

    They have been able to automate data ingestion providing us with a database that can then be manipulated into numerous reports to measure pace, performance, and KPI's. The best part about the solutions is that they are automated and save all of our users time compounding into days of manual data entry saved on our chain scale. The myDigitalOffice team are always open to feedback and accept the challenge to further improve/grow automation and data validation. I am very impressed with their ability to leverage SQL and build macros to ensure quick and detailed reporting. As we have implemented several tools with them the team has given suggestions on the best tactics for visualization of data as well as simplified how data is displayed. They continue to increase the database for each property which has lead to the reduction of the need for users to place manual entries into corporate reporting, leading to a reduction in commonly occurring errors. The myDigitalOffice team has also shown great strength in their ability to work with properties across multiple chains as well as property systems including PMS, Sales, and 3rd party vendors. They have been able to bridge the gap on numerous third party vendors our hotels work with which has enabled reporting go beyond what we thought was possible. The myDigitalOffice team have always delivered on the products they promised and have never missed any promised deadlines. We have found them to be very time efficient even when dealing with a multi-property launch on reports that are being released through multiple phases. These have included major brands and independent hotels on several size scales. The onboarding process with myDigitalOffice was well managed and highlighted the teams knowledge of the tools that they implement. The team is always available for any questions.

    Complex Director of Revenue - Boston, MA
  • Being able to find any report from any date within seconds using myDocs is great.

    Fully customizable dashboard that shows me exactly what I need to see on a daily basis and then transferring that data into easy to read charts or widgets. Easy to drill down into data from each widget - No more having to log into multiple sites every morning. All the data is automatically pulled and updated within myPerspective.

    Director of Business Ops - Albuquerque, NM
  • One of the biggest issues we faced on a daily basis prior to MDO was the amount of time it took to pull data from various platforms and sources.

    One of the biggest issues we faced on a daily basis prior to MDO was the amount of time it took to pull data from various platforms and sources. MDO has allowed us a single pane of glass to view these metrics and data points and spend less time retrieving the information and more time discussing and making decisions with it. The ability to customize the dashboards is an added bonus.

    Vice President - Warner Robins, GA
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