Simplify Daily Flash Reporting with myPerspective

A dashboard reporting tool that helps GMs, Management Groups and Owners,measure and track everything they need to know about how their hotel is performing.


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Daily Reporting

Screenshot: & Dashboard Daily View

Track how your hotel or portfolio of hotels are performing on any given day, month, period or year. Compare it to similar metrics from prior terms so that you can better react to the challenges and opportunities with the right data, in a timely manner.

Our import tools make sure you don’t have to hand-key information into excel sheets or tables – it’s that easy. By getting rid of that tedious task, enables your GM and teams to make impactful decisions with the right KPIs in a timely manner. Track metrics like:

  • Revenues (Room, Food & Beverage, Other, etc.)
  • Occ %, ADR, RevPAR
  • Member Stays
  • STR Metrics and Rankings
  • Variances, among others

Monthly Calendar

Screenshot: & Monthly Calendar View

We know it – a calendar is important for every organization. myPerspective takes your metrics and combines them in a calendar view so your teams can see their details not only for the week, but for that entire month.

  • Business on the books and pick-up
  • Trend details to compare metrics to prior periods
  • Yearly view to show the similar performance
  • View by property, group of properties, or the entire portfolio

Custom Reporting

Screenshot: & Reporting Table View

Still need these details for Excel or your accounting system? Export your daily stats into a format that your accounting system can import – and with the right GL codes. Getting your segmentation data is made easy, simply by hitting the “download” button in the table.

Why Is It Important?

  • Compare to prior periods and ask questions right away
  • Makes reporting quick and easy
  • Standardized information makes consolidation and analysis vs other properties feasible

Mobile Responsive

Screenshot: & Mobile Browser View

Not being at your desk or at the office doesn’t mean you can’t review your performance results. View your flash on a tablet or smart phone at your convenience. Simply click on the date you want, and voila. Your results are presented in a friendly manner.