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Simplify Daily Flash Reporting

Screenshot: MyPerspective.io & Dashboard Daily View


View daily, MTD, budget/forecast and variance data in one view. Use the calendar to track performance metrics for a timely snapshot of your property.

Easily access your STR reports with the rest of your metrics. Compare property rankings to competition, and your own goals/forecast scores.


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Paperless Night Audit

Screenshot: Overnighter & Night Report Example


Automate the extraction of key reports directly from the Property Management System. Using extracts, create the daily flash and managers report without any hand-key entry*

Automate the distribution of the right reports to the right teams in a timely manner using workflow.

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Streamlined Accounts Payable

Screenshot: APLodgics & PO Processing


Start the process off on the right foot by moving to a paperless purchase order system. Eliminate the headaches that come with managing approvals, product searches, and GL coding.

Streamline the AP process with our easy-to-use tools designed to capture invoice details and automatically push information into your existing accounting system.

Cut down on invoice processing time by upwards of 60%.


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