Effectively Manage your Portfolio with Smarter Tech for Hotel Management

The hotel business produces a vast amount of data every second. How good are your hotels at making sense of your ‘data chaos’? Navigate, consolidate, and digitize data collection and analysis to increase efficiencies and do more with less.

3 Reasons Hoteliers Need to Harness the Power of AI and Automation

AI and automation tools to help analyze and parse massive amounts of data generated daily across systems, glean valuable insights, and take the appropriate actions to best position themselves in the recovery curve.

The Guide to System Hotel Tech Stacks and Standards in the Next Normal

Today’s hotel guests expect technology to seamlessly integrate with their daily lives. Modern hoteliers and property managers understand the need for slim yet comprehensive software stacks.

11 Strategies and Tactics to Increase Hotel Profitability and Long-Term Recovery

Amidst the biggest dip in demand in decades, hoteliers are looking at strategies for hotel profitability and recovery to ensure a successful return to stability and set the stage for growth.

4 Big Reasons Your Hotel Portfolio Needs an Enterprise-Level Information Management System

If you’ve been fighting an unfair fight with outdated data solutions, now is the time to consider something different.

The Green Hotelier

Today’s top-rated hotel is not only accommodating and well-staffed—it’s also green. As customers have become increasingly environment-conscious, hotels are following suit by integrating various sustainability measures. This ebook is essential to help you on your way towards becoming a greener hotelier.

Sustainable Hospitality: Going Green for Good

In the last few years, sustainability has been a theme on every hotelier’s mind. If your hotel isn’t yet the pinnacle of eco-friendly tourism, you may be brainstorming ways to upgrade – fast. This report will help.

5 Tips for Modern Hoteliers

Every successful modern hotelier must equip themselves with the right tools, and we’re here to walk you through five tips for successfully managing hospitality in the digital age.