The True Cost of a Banker’s Box

We’ve noticed that our clients have been purchasing bankers boxes because their document storage is getting out of control. So we thought, why not put a true figure on what these boxes actually cost.

We made the following basic assumptions:

  • Cost of a Bankers Box – $2.50
  • Cost of a sheet of paper – $0.01
  • Cost to print – single side (laser) – $0.05
  • # of sheets in a bankers box – 2,500

Work through these numbers and you’ll get to $152.50 per box. Pretty expensive right? Now factor in some of the intangible costs like labour, office space, storage, retrieval, and that box comes out to be a lot more now doesn’t it? There’s a ROI for having a document management system (DMS), but it doesn’t come from just scanning your records. Without a proven scanning method, the documents are simply PDF versions of your paper records without much search/retrieval capabilities.

A DMS brings an ROI not only in helping you index these documents, but also in improving the way you file, retrieve, and store them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – because a DMS is more than just that.

The next time you’re buying bankers boxes for records storage, call us first. We’d be happy to walk you through some alternatives to consider.