Accounts Payable and Efficiency can co-exist together.

Our out of the box solutions make online PO forms, travel and expense processes and invoice processing easy


Quick Jump: PO and T&E Forms | Invoice Capture | Invoice Storage and AP Integration


PO and T&E Forms

Screenshot: APLodgics & PO Form

Use e-forms to track purchase orders or track spending versus budgets. Putting a closer eye on these two areas allows for more control and centralizes the information in one key area.

Simply fill out the e-form and let the automated workflow circulate it to the right people for approval and review. Once approved, our tools make it easy to import into the accounting system.

Invoice Capture

Screenshot: APLodgics & Invoice Capture

Hand keying entries can be made efficient with technology that can capture the information off the invoice for you. Point and click on the invoice number and details and save time entering the details + filing the invoice away.

Our AP Invoice Capture tools help in both invoice entry and invoice filing so that the manual and duplicated efforts are minimized. Using a PO? Match that invoice with the PO so that the records can stay together.

Invoice Storage and AP Integration

Screenshot: Screenshot: APLodgics & AP Integration

With integrations available for Quickbooks, Sage platforms and others, invoice processing is easy – and storage/retrieval of the invoices is made even easier.

Simply call up the invoice using a keyboard shortcut from the accounting system, or log into our cloud based repository to access the set of information you’re looking for.